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With the pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-taxed. We need to find time for fun. We often hear people say that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. We are stressed and tired, this puts our bodies in the sympathetic mode of fight or flight- It can affect our health, and overtime can be very harmful. This is when we need to STOP and meditate. Meditation/hypnosis/prayer gives us more time by making our minds calmer and more focused. If you have never done meditation/hypnosis you could start out with just 5-10 minutes of simple breathing meditation. As you train yourself to relax into a blissful pleasant state you will be able to give yourself a longer time spent in mediation/hypnosis.

In meditation/hypnosis in seattle/prayer you could either deliberately reflect upon a thought, such as love, patience, harmony- whatever it is that you are needing to feel at peace. Mediation/hypnosis is meant to heighten your awareness with your soul. We all have a great inner awareness that doesn’t get revealed often enough. To become one with your God, a centered and perfect place to be. It is your very own personal space and time to practice your discipline of oneness connected to the life breath. Another mediation could be to let go of all thought and just to stay centered and focused on your breathing, this can be very relaxing and powerful as well. The main thing to remember is that with practice of meditation/hypnosis you will go deeper, not because I say so but because it is your natural ability to do so. You can use hypnosis to get fun back into your life.

Meditation/hypnosis in seattle/prayer helps us to understand our unique selves, and to connect ourselves fully with God and the oneness of the universal breath. We can learn how to transform our mind. To choose positive thoughts of peace and happiness. In mediation we can overcome our limiting negative self beliefs and cultivate our God given right to be in perfect harmony with the universe. Thoughts are energy, we are energy and we have the power to transform ourselves. We can develop this sense of spirit that stays with us throughout of day. We already have many disciplines that we do in a day. such as; brush our teeth, shower, wash our dishes, answer emails, return phone calls. Meditation/hypnosis is the most important discipline we can do for ourselves, to calm our body, mind and soul into a deep awareness. We will then be able to listen to our great inner wisdom and knowledge. Our God made us so spectacular that we have all we need within us, it is there to connect with. It is an amazing journey to connect with your inner self.

I am here for you hypnosis-seattle.com I will teach you and help you to transform your thinking into a bright, positive can do spirit. Hypnosis In Seattle can help you to put fun back into your life.


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