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Hypnosis In Seattle setbacks and anxiety

Hypnosis In Seattle can help you with setbacks and anxiety. When you have a setback, what is your first thought? Many people may say “crap” (or another word for crap). Depending of course, on what the setback is. In general, what is your first response? Let me list a possibility; Fear rashes through your body, this anxiety causes your blood pressure to rise, your heart starts to race- This response is what we call our sympathetic nervous system, or you may have heard of it as our fight or flight response. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is part of the autonomic nervous system (ANA), which also includes the parasympathetic nervous system.

Basically, there are two ways of coping or dealing with a setback or situation. Sympathetic, just react, which is important if your setback is fleeing from danger, such as, the cave man running from a tiger. Today it might be a wreck that leads into traffic jam, making you unable to attend a child’s performance. The sympathetic mode of our ANA is very important initially, to keep us from immediate danger. Once, you are out of danger, it is very important to get yourself back into the parasympathetic mode, which activates tranquility. Our parasympathetic mode activates a tranquil feeling of peace and calmness. It is in this state that we are better able to make our best decisions.

This is the reason I chose to become a hypnotherapist, assisting people to learn basic techniques to stay in a calm and peaceful state of awareness. Hypnosis is, in my opinion, misunderstood by the vast majority of people. While in hypnosis, you are actually in a heightened awareness while in the most relaxed state. I help you to understand the importance of breathing deep into a relaxed body, mind and spirit. Also, I stress that the words we use do have power, they have the power to serve you or diminish you. Hypnosis In Seattle will help you with setbacks and anxiety. It’s not just our words, it is also our thoughts! Think of your thoughts as having legs, keep your thoughts for yourself and others always positive, holding your thoughts in a positive light. After each hypnosis In Seattle session, upon coming up and out of hypnosis, I tell my clients to stretch and smile. Yes, smile! Whether you feel like it or not, smile. A smile sends a massage to our brains that we are happy. So here’s a test, put a smile on your face, hold it and try to think of something negative…. It is nearly impossible…. Okay stop trying! Smile and think positive, that’s good!

Seattle Hypnotherapist, Vera Olson, CMHT

  1. Ed Reply

    This is so true! There are many stressor’s in today’s life that are hard to unwind from and I think hypnosis can be an important tool.

  2. Laurel Bird Reply

    Thanks Vera! That was very informative!

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