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Hypnosis In Seattle can help you see the trees.

Help it’s that time of year again. Hypnosis In Seattle can help you to see the trees for the forest. Trees have been on my mind a lot lately. If a person wanted to compare themselves to a tree, you can find  many analogies. Take for instance the seasons, in autumn the leaves on the trees fall being a nuisance for many people to either rake up, or leave them there to rot. In the summer we welcome the leaves for shade. Many of us can think of our families in the same way. We can all be a nuisance and trouble at times, but when storms come families can be a refuge and bring comfort.  Though, some of us can be like a tree in the forest that is over bearing and limits the growth below. Ask yourself, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you want to be? What is your favorite tree? What tree do you see? Mine would be one with plenty of room to expand my roots, free to let my leaves dance in the wind.  The sound of  rustleing leaves in the breeze to me is a peaceful and reassuring sound. I would like to have my branches spreading  out to create a welcome environment within my sphere of influence, i.e. drip line. It is important to see the trees for the forest, hypnosis in Seattle can help you see the trees.

It is that time of year again, a little pruning. I do not want to be cut up or cut down- A little pruning is good to be healthy and to grow in the right way. My tree would avoid low growing strubs full of drama and danger that promote weeds and invasive plants, like ivy which can choke off a healthy tree. Are you getting closer to seeing your tree?  Heavy undergrowth create a place for fire. We can think of those people in our lives who are  clingers and negative dream killers. (see last weeks blog) We can’t avoid them but we can keep them at a safe distance. My tree promotes all positives things, we all can create an environment  that promotes healthy growth in our  sphere of influence.

We can use trees as an emotional connection analogy, not  a physical. My husband sees himself as a tall poplar because they are kind of sentinels. He thinks of them as watchers and protectors from the wind, especially when they are all lined up together. My husband has always enjoyed team work.

It is that time of year again. A lot of people come to me dreading the holidays, with all the expectations that we put on ourselves and others. What I do as a hypnotherapist through the sub conscious mind, is to reverse negative thoughts. Such as; “You now look forward with joy the holiday season, you look forward to being with family….. you choose to feel the love… you fill your heart with the simple joys of the season. You choose to be kind to yourself because you are worthy and deserving of all goodness. Your heart is full of gladness, you look at others in a more positive way and you stay positive.” Nearly everyone’s comment on completing a session will say “I feel lighter”.

Many of us have been greatly blessed with many wonderful people in our lives. One of them for me is the friendship of Idamae, she is now 94, I have known her for 24 years. We have done many wonderful activities together. She is one of the most gracious women I have ever known. She has had a great influence on me. She makes everyone that she comes into contact with feel special and loved.  She is that tree I discribed. I do not want to limit myself, but honestly I can’t imagine being all that she is but I just did imagine! I imagined a tree  in my mind, it is big, it gives a lot, it is strong, healthy and wise.  I encourage you to imagine what kind of  tree life you would choose. It is a little meditation. How would your tree  impact your sphere of influence? Close your eyes, now imagine, sense and feel that you are there, see yourself where you want to be. The kind of person you want to be. Does your tree live in a manicured garden or in a native natural meadow? Focus and stay centered and it will come to you.

A few nights ago I dropped in on Idamae, over a cup of tea I asked her a few questions. My first was, “how have you handled the holidays with all the dynamics?” her answer was to “roll with it” and when you have guests give them a merry welcome.” I asked, how do you handle disapointment? she said, “with a smile”. Do you see the tree for the forest yet?

It is up to you, it is your choice, to slow down and take a deep breathe. It is your choice to go inside your heart and feel the love that surrounds you. To go into your heart and mend what needs mending. Let tears come when needed, release and let go of all that is holding you back from experiencing joy. Forgive yourself, forgive others. We all have a great inner intelligence, it knows just what to do and how to do it. Trust your great inner intelligence, your great inner wisdom.

I choose to be around people who are positive and give me room to be myself. People who inspire me to become a better person. Then I think, what good is that if I am only around positive people?  It’s not that I go out and seek negative people but when they enter my sphere of influence, I pray I will find the words to have a positive influence. Hypnosis In Seattle can help you see the trees.

Hypnosis can help you can see your trees.

  1. Joan Reply

    I love this … The tree imagery!!
    I bet you are having fun working on people and sharing in such a positive way!
    Hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

    • Latuapo Reply

      Here’s my tale: I smoked a pack a day for four years, when I was in my tinwtees. I started going out with a fellow I’d renowned from before I started to smoke. He’d always been a non-smoker. He didn’t criticize me or urge me to quit, but he didn’t jump to light my cigarettes for me either. Looking back on it, I can see that he often took me on walks, to movies, and to other seats where nobody smoked, rather than to clubs and restaurants (where people may possibly subdue smoke back then). After a few months, we got married. He lived in another city, so I left my job and went to his home. Here’s where the going got a small tougher, but what helped was that all the usual triggers and cues that it was time to light up another cigarette were gone. No coffee breaks at work, no ash trays around the house, no other people , etc. It took a month or so for the desire to smoke to wear off, but straight away I liked that when I blew my nose, I didn’t see auburn gunk. Pretty soon my clothes didn’t smell like smoke, and neither did my breath. I confess that I did accept an occasional cigarette from my next-door neighbor, but my new husband pointed out that I’d nearly succeeded in quitting, so why run the risk of a relapse? You do have to watch out for a sudden urge to smoke, even long after you’ve quit. One of my co-workforce father died of lung cancer. Her mother had already died of the same disease, and all of the family subdue smoked. We worked for a small local company, so the boss unhindered us all to concentrate the funeral. Afterward, a number of people, suspicion quite upset, pulled out their cigarettes. They politely offered them around, and I tell you I was surrounded by an ace of accepting one until sanity prevailed. The main keys to my experience: Spend your time with non-smokers if at all possible. Change as many things as you can in your life that trigger the desire to light up. Get rid of all your cigarettes and place away your ash trays.

      • Vera - Hypnosis in Seattle Reply

        This is so great Latuapo- Thank you for sharing and congratulations on quitting!

    • Vera - Hypnosis in Seattle Reply

      Thank you Joan!

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