'An Agent For Positive Change'

Emotions play a huge part in our physical wellness.

Yay! Walking on sand again.

One day many years ago while I was at work- I got out of my chair to go to the printer in the other room, out of the blue I started limping. I was so upset and scared by this- I wondered, what was happening to me? After limping for a few days I went to a shoe store, where I was fitted with my first pair of Dansko shoes. I remember so clearly the great relief I felt, I said to myself, “It’s a miracle” – After having tears of thankfulness, I had a smile on my face all that day. The next week, I visited a Podiatrist. He was puzzled when I told him that  I felt numbness under my two middle toes. He did an x-ray and told me that I had a Neuroma. However, he couldn’t figure out why my foot would be numb and why I didn’t feel any pain. I was told that I could never walk in sand again, I couldn’t walk bare foot, I could never wear high heals, all kinds of don’ts. Like a good patient, I shook my head in agreement. I left feeling sad.

It wasn’t until I was studying Hypnotherapy, we were getting started in medical, clinical session of our studies. My instructor asked the class, “who has a medical issue that you would like to work on”?  He went around the the class, came to me, I told him that I had a Neuroma- He thought for a moment and said, “yeah, we can use that, that’s been cured before” – We then got into groups of three, I was the client with the issue, two of my classmates were the hypnotherapists. I have to be honest, I didn’t think it could be done, it was after all a medical condition, not an emotional issue. I thought, “what the heck,” I’ll play along. My two hypnotherapist did a fantastic job, very thorough. What we discovered was at that same time in my life, when the numbness started, I felt lost and I felt left behind. My three daughters, had all graduated from college and moved on with their lives. I suppose you could call it empty nest syndrome. I just wanted to numb myself, so that the feelings wouldn’t be so strong. For many years I lived with the notion that I had a numbing Neuroma, and it would always be there. I excepted what I was told.

What we do as hypnotherapists is to ask the issue (numbness) what it needs to feel better. What my numbness wanted was “connectedness” ….  My hypnotherapist used the words “day by day the numbing is going away, we use “day by day” because increments are often easier for most of us to except. My hypnotherapist than told my subconscious positive actions steps on staying connected and so on. One of the visualizations I chose for my therapy, was to walk in sand barefoot, and to wear shoes that I didn’t consider homely. Within a few days of my session, slowly, day by day, I noticed the numbness was subsiding. I admit, I was surprised-  I thought, wow, that’s cool and amazing.

Soon after I left the Academy in Santa Fe, NM, I came home to Seattle. It was a Saturday afternoon, I said to my husband, “I am tired, how about a vacation to Hawaii?”  The next morning we were on a flight to Maui. That is where I felt so liberated, I walked barefoot in  the sand with no numbness what so ever. I walked near the water anyway- most of the sand was too hot to walk on. Although I am sure, if I put my mind to it, hot sand would not bother me either.

Slowly I am wearing cute shoes. I am not over doing it, I find myself still a bit cautious. I stay connected. What you should take away from this is that our emotions play a huge part in our physical wellness.

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